Monday, November 1, 2010

The Latest Word November 2010

Welcome to the Sub Café

In this corner of the OEA web site, we hope to include a monthly Substitute Teacher e-newsletter. We aim to have column from the Substitute Caucus Chair Andy Young, letters to the editor, the blog, Sub Life and articles addressing other sub issues.

Current articles being researched include: An assessment of what benefits are included in union membership and what benefits might be available from California Teachers Association and the Oakland Unified School District for free or a fee. We are also following up a report that sub may face dismissal from the district using a measure of reaching the forth of four negative work place infractions or events without being able to document any of the infractions or events but the last.

We also hope to follow up on the letter from anonymous about changes in job referrals.

Get involved. Please stay a while.

Your wait staff