Welcome to the Sub Café, the site for Substitute Teachers within the Oakland Education Association web site.

We are over nine hundred substitute teachers within the OUSD. We provide an invaluable service to regular classroom teachers, to the students of the Oakland public school system, and to the mission of public education.

We not only maintain continuity and continued progress during the short-term absence of a regular teacher. During our time in a classroom, we can bring new perspectives and ideas; we can connect with and inspire students in different ways.

This is our site. Please browse it, and take your time. It’s here for us, substitute teachers, to find out about developments that concern us, to share information and experiences, to learn how the OUSD substitute system works, how we may make the most effective use of it, and how we may be more effective as substitute teachers.

Our site also offers opportunities for us all to get more involved to improve the OUSD substitute system, our work as substitute teachers, and the broader work of the OUSD in educating the next generation of Oakland youth.

You may get on the OEA Substitute Teachers email list by submitting your email address to Substitutes@OaklandEA.Org.