Sunday, January 9, 2011

Overview of the OUSD substitute teacher assignment system

Did You Know?

The OUSD substitute teaching system is complicated, intended to balance the District’s need to fill hundreds of positions each day on short notice while offering available assignments to the large pool of substitute teachers in a fair and reliable manner. In recent years, the OUSD substitute teacher assignment system has been able to fill 94 percent of requests. During the same period, most substitute teachers seem to feel that they have obtained all the assignments that they were available to accept.

A majority of assignments are made through requests for a specific substitute teacher. Both regular classroom teachers and school site administrations are able to make such requests. Many substitute teachers have developed contacts and relationships with individual teachers and school sites and as a result receive requests for substitute teaching assignments.

Substitution assignments are also posted by the OUSD online, and are available for substitute teachers to peruse and select on the District’s Web page, SmartFindExpress. The District also maintains an automated telephone callout system that calls substitute teachers at random to offer them assignments.

Substitute teacher needs and interests are varied. Some are available for only occasional assignments; others seek assignments for every day. Although there are days when assignments are not made to all available substitute teachers, and although some substitute teachers obtain assignments only through persistent efforts through the system, most substitutes seem to be satisfied with the system.

A good overview of the substitute teacher system, Substitute Teacher Handbook, 2010—2011, which includes instructions for using SmartFindExpress as well as District help lines, was distributed at the August 2010 District orientation and training for substitute teachers.

How about you? Do you have problems with the system? Do you have suggestions for its improvement? Other comments? Send them in, to Substitutes@OaklandEA.Org, either for posting on our Substitute Teachers Blog, or for OEA Substitute Teachers Caucus representatives to take up with the OUSD substitute office.

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